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fallenstar1119 said: its the same price as every other game ever. 60 dollars

it’s actually £60 over here on origin which is more like 100 dollars :/

Anonymous asked:
I live in London! We should meet up :D

*shifts uncomfortably*

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Anonymous asked:
Are you going to get the Sims 4?

yeessss at some point i imagine :3 idk it’s not released here for a few more days yet so i’ve got some time to think about it still before i make the commitment haha (why is it so expensive tho omg D:<)

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my life at the moment is literally just sitting around waiting for my student loan to go in

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meeting the family
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blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly
blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly
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Anonymous asked:
Please come back!!!

<3333 soooon i promise nonny ;-; i miss this place so so so much. i’ve just got so much on my plate right now with uni and personal issues and stuff and on top of everything else i’m currently in the process of moving back home cos renovations are FINALLY done on my house (it’s been like 5 months it was supposed to be 6 weeks lmao). hopefully once i’m back and unpacked and used to living with my family again (lol) everything should settle down and i’ll have time for sims again :3 <3333333333

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Anonymous asked:
I recommend talking to a therapist or friend about your anxiety

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Anonymous asked:
Where are Rhys' and Holly's hair from in the post 44734752957 thanks! ;D

holly’s hair is from here (watch that site tho i just got a trojan lol yay fun times ahead. it’s called XMS3-FloraHair009 if you wanna just search for a retexture instead) and rhys’ hair is from heeere :) 

Anonymous asked:
where do you get the lingerie that v wears in college and such. thanks

i’m not entirely sure because literally all the underwear in my game back then came with sims that i downloaded from the exchange years ago (lol) but i’m p sure most of it came from lianasims!

2 weeks ago · 11
sophisims asked:
Do you know where to get some good jeans for male and female sims?

for males i really overuse the jeans from here and for ladies i LOVEEEE these and also the first version of them :3 

2 weeks ago · 14
mylittlesimfinity asked:
I really need help making wall stickers! Could you tell me how to make them

i’ve never actually made wall stickers but i imagine it’s fairly similar to this, just without the frame? except you will also have to adjust the alpha to get the transparency if you’re doing it over something that was a different shape originally (i sort of explained that here) i know that this mesh is a super popular one for wall stickers and such!! (also as i looked for that mesh i also found that aikea-guinea wrote a tutorial on how to make wall stickers and it’s about a million times better than my answer haha!!) x

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