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it’s her first class and she’s already overslept D8

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when you’re kidding around with your friends and it suddenly turns into them pointing out every single annoying thing you’ve ever done


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Anonymous asked:
You always put this teal/turqoise circle on your photos, how though?

haha i know, it’s a force of habit! i just do it to make the text stand out more :P just with photoshop! i use the shape tool and then i lower the opacity ^.^ x

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reeeeeal nice

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Anonymous asked:
Where do you normally get all your furniture CC? Is there any good blogs I should go to, to get furniture?

aroundthesimssssss 8D like 75% of my buy mode content is from there, it’s my fav cc site ever ok x

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Anonymous asked:
What happened to these poses in the post /post/90893335766? They're so cute I neeeed them ;__; Thanks! :3

omg non don’t laugh at me please, i know i’m ridiculous but i can’t figure out a way to present them all (there are more than i normally release at once) and have the post look nice.


it looks so so boring and it’s giving me a headache haha ¬_¬ i’ll work on it tonight lmfao x

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"… the art building is where?”

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"Wait, so…"

"Wait, so…"

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