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that terrible moment when you realize your anti-virus hasn’t been working and you think about all of the terrible sites you’ve been on







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Anonymous asked:
when are you updating the legacy :(

asap! i need to open my game to take a couple of screenshots but my computer is being a complete butt (i think it’s got a virus because for some reason my anti-virus hasn’t been updating itself like normal boohoo) so i’ve got to sort that out first ¬_¬ but if i can get it sorted in a few hours then hopefully there will be legacy later on today :3 x

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Anonymous asked:
do you know any good unziper programs for pc? like to unzip .rar files and everything

i use 7zip :) x

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ok, having an opinion is obviously fine, but when that ‘opinion’ is something that actually actively causes damage to peoples lives, it’s no longer an opinion and you can’t defend it as such.

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"You dirty, dirty old man, Mortimer Goth! I expected better from you!"

"Agnes, please! Stop hitting me with your purse!"

(She walks the walk, but I suspect she is actually a closet voyeur.)

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Anonymous asked:
I'm new to the Sims 2. Is there any certain mods you would recommend?

the shop at home coat hook is my fav, also these shelf omsps are amazing (you can shift them up and down) also CEP so recolors work properly and the ikea add-on fix thing by hugelunatic (which isn’t working right now because the site is down) i can’t think of anymore rn i’m sorry ;-; x

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snape-is-a-butttrumpet asked:
What do you have the age span set to during your legacy?

i actually have it written down on my phone cos i change it between which save i’m in but for my legacy it’ssss….

baby - 7 days, toddler - 26 days, child - 39 days, teen - 44 days, YA - 140 days, adult - 111 days, elder - 44 days 

i don’t like my sims dying lmfao x

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sims-and-sisters asked:
maddie's piercing is gorgeous! i've been looking for one like it for a while, do u know wcif it? tysm!! <3 (ps, really sad about jack! :( but ik its for the sake of the story!! lol)

it’s from here lovely :) sadface :(((( i’m still sad about it even tho it happened in my game months ago lmao x

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savaveesims asked:
I have a fan blowing on my face that's like 4ft.tall and I swam earlier yesterday and drank 2 waters while ate ice cream. But it's 106 here is CA so it's different XD

haha yeah i’ve been doing pretty much the same thing! :3 x

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Anonymous asked:
wcif Maddie's choker necklace in your latest post?

here :3 

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